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Purple Accent Vinyl

Siser® EasyReflective® Heat Transfer Vinyl 12" x 20"

Siser® EasyReflective® Heat Transfer Vinyl 12" x 20"

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Siser’s easiest weeding reflective HTV!

EasyReflective® is Siser’s only reflective material with a pressure sensitive backing! This highly reflective heat transfer vinyl is constructed with glass bead technology to illuminate the darkest of conditions. EasyReflective® is a truly exceptional polyurethane product due to its pressure sensitive carrier that allows you to re-stick lifting material or replace a piece that’s accidentally removed. With a low application temperature and simple warm peel, EasyReflective® can be applied to all kinds of garments and accessories that need to stand out in low lighting. Heat apply EasyReflective® with a heat press or home iron for increased visibility on sports garments, pet clothes, or construction crew uniforms.

Applies to:

  • 100% cotton Poly/cotton blends
  • 100% polyester Nylon (testing recommended)

How to Apply:


  • Cut in reverse and weed design
  • Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
  • Apply design at 305° F/150° C with medium
  • Pressure for 15 seconds.
  • Peel warm (at least 15 seconds off the press)

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